I form partnerships to create lasting impact. Experience taught me that such partnerships are most effective if there is a minimal investment/donation of 100.000 euro to make impact. 

Based on your needs and my assessment we design a journey with the following building blocks:

- 1 on 1 strategic session

- Advice to create more impact

- Quarterly impact reports

- Social Producer & team to realise your dream

- Legal and financial advice

- Retreat with your family / company


When we form a partnership we are both invested. I have skin in the game too. I bring my network of creative experts to form a team to make impact. And skin in the game means that we make a financial agreement where I am rewarded based on tangible and measurable results; projects realised, amounts of people reached, KwH produced, CO2 saved, etc. 

An example: An investor want to give his foundation an impuls to create more impact to finance peace in regions. With my guidance we build a new website, form a strategy, select new board members  and design and execute new projects. We formed a partnership where I am rewarded for every new case/project that created more peace in regions. 


When you seek guidance and want to invest/donate < 100.000 euro, give me a call. Based on your needs I will advice and present several opportunities to invest/donate/give social loans and deliver quarterly impact reports. 


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