Act Now

Action follows dialogue in complex situations. The challenge is to create enough support through dialogue and simultaniously implement action as soon as possible. 

I am trained to seek out and combine different perspectives, local knowledge and experiences to ensure a holistic and long term sustainable solution. Solutions that cure the disease, and not just treat the symptoms.


For lasting impact, both the client as producer need to be personally invested. So step one is to get to know each other.

During our conversations I distill the various options to move forward and guide you towards chosing a complex social challenge that resonates the best with you and how to approach this.

From there on I deconstruct the complex social challenge into executable design processes, leading of creative teams, providing strategic advice and guide where and when necessary.

When working with me we play full out. That means that I too have skin in the game. I bring a highly creative and driven team together, handpicked for the specific social challenge. I will invest time in creating the best possible solution. I will apply everything I've learned during my ten years of experience working with multi stakeholder processes with both public and private organisations. I move fast, am action oriented, and am sparked by collaboration.

Let's play.

Methodologies I use:
- Social Handprint to measure social impact. 

- Theory U to connect personal insights and transformation to strategic systemic change designs.  
- Social Labs to implement and prototype social innovation. 
- Art of Hosting to facilitate groups of people in a joyful way.
- Experience Design to create experiences based on human emotions and connection. 
- Coaching methodologies to dive deeper into personal beliefs and needs. 


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